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Friday, April 24, 2015

United Way of Rhode Island

United Way of Rhode Island –
70 Valley Street Providence, RI 02909
TO LIVE UNITED is to work and live within your community and to work and live as a community. The mission of UWRI is for Rhode Islanders to help Rhode Islanders.
UWRI but especially middle school youth via the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative serve all ages.
Montor: Amanda Heinsen
Hours: Tuesday's (10-1:30), Wednesday's (9:00-12:00), and Thursday's (10-1:30)
My position at UWRI is entitled – Major Gifts Intern. I was expected to help with various administrative tasks, such as filling solicitations, cleaning various areas, and other basic jobs. The bulk of my job focused on social media writing and other writing for the organization. I quickly emerged as the writing intern, while my co-intern was more of the event planning intern.
There are around 100 employees at UWRI, dress is business casual, and the communication is primarily in person and by email. It is a great place because even an intern can have a casual conversation with the CEO.
There are opportunities to help the organization with events outside of the normal internship hours but these are never required.
I found this position utilizing the Destinations website from RIC.
There are communications internships, as well as temporary employment during the busiest donation season.

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Name: Chris Higgins
YDEV Cohort 2015

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