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Friday, April 7, 2017

Lincoln School

Name of Organization: Lincoln School
Description of the overall mission of this organization:
"Lincoln School is an independent college preparatory school for girls where high academic and ethical standards challenge students from Nursery through Grade 12 to nurture their special talents and interests. Drawing on its Quaker heritage, Lincoln School focuses on character and values, as well as knowledge, simplicity, cooperation, mutual respect, and nonviolent resolution of conflict. The aims of a Lincoln education are confidence, achievement, a commitment to service, and a lifelong love of learning."
– Board of Trustees, 2007
Ages of youth served: 3-11
Name of Mentor: Brenna Anderson
Hours worked: I worked 305 hours in total, 3.25 hours every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 2:45-6:00 pm.
Description of your role and duties: I was an extended staff member, which meant that I supervised and interacted with students attending the after-school program also known as The Tree House. I was assigned to work with preschool students aged 3-5, who belong to one of the two coed programs offered by the school—the second is kindergarten. My duties included engaging the younger students in creative and thoughtful activities, securing a safe and enjoyable environment, and cleaning up after the day was over. During my internship, I created, with the help of my mentor and partner—another YDEV classmate—a program called the Buddy Project. The Buddy Project was a mentoring program in which older students in the third, fourth and fifth grades helped us create and deliver lessons to the preschool students. The core of the program was the fostering and establishment of lasting and meaningful relationships between younger and older students.
Description of the culture of the place: Because this was an after-school program where students were encouraged to play and freely explore, the dress code was casual. I worked with five other girls; two of them were also YDEV students and part of my cohort. Our mentor valued communication and always encouraged the staff members to communicate and support each other, especially during difficult times. We had staff meetings every Monday where we discussed our ideas regarding the program and expressed any concerns or difficulties we were experiencing at the moment. If I had to miss work or I was going to be late, or if I had any questions regarding work, I was always able to contact my mentor through email and my coworkers through our group message.
Additional Requirements: We were required to participate in and help organize the school holidays/vacation camps. These camps normally lasted one or two weeks, and occurred during the winter and spring breaks when the regular school was closed. Shifts for said vacation camps were different than regular after-school hours. During regular operating hours, the after-school program was open from 2:45-6:00, while during vacation camp, the program was open as early as 8:00 am.
Special notes on process of getting this internship: Contact Brenna Anderson at banderson [at] lincolnschool [dot] org
Other internship opportunities with this organization: If you prefer to work with older students, opportunities are offered in which you are able to interact with elementary school students aged 5-10.
What three TAGS would you use to label this internship ?
after-school, preschool and elementary, hands-on.
Your name: Isa Cespedes                                                               
Your cohort: Cohort 4
Your email address if others can contact you: icespedes_6840[at]

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