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Friday, April 7, 2017

New Urban Arts

Name of Organization: New Urban Arts
Address: 705 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903
Description of the overall mission of this organization: Our mission is to build a vital community that empowers young people as artists and leaders to develop a creative practice they can sustain throughout their lives.
Ages of youth served: 14 - 18
Name of Mentor: Emily Ustach
Hours worked: Tuesday and Wednesday 9-2
Description of your role and duties: Administration duties such as data entry recording attendance logs and enrollment forms.
Description of the culture of the place: Here at NUA is a comfortable environment, come as you are. The morning staff consist of six staff daily. Throughout the day various artists mentors come into the environment usually around 3-7pm. These artist mentors are there to assist the students who attend the programs that they offer.
What three TAGS would you use to label this internship? Teenagers,mentoring and after school
Your name: Marika Isom
Your cohort: 4
Your email address if others can contact you: marika_isom [at]

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