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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fwd: The Sherlock Center- Certificate of Community Studies

Name of Organization:
The Sherlock Center- The Certificate of Community Study
RI College - Certificate of Community Studies The Certificate in Community Studies (CCS) at Rhode Island College will offer students with intellectual disability (ID ...

Street Address:
The Sherlock Center at Rhode Island College
600 Mount Pleasant Ave Providence RI 02895
Name of Primary Mentor/Contact Person:
Dr. Susan Dell
Email Address:

Description of the overall mission of this organization:
The Certificate in Community Studies (CCS) at Rhode Island College will offer students with intellectual disability (ID) the opportunity to self-direct academic coursework and internships to enhance their skills and knowledge critical to a variety of career choices. The CCS includes internships extending student knowledge and skills across four vocational internship experiences. The CCS is designed to include students with ID who are still eligible for special education through their local school district and students who have already graduated from high school.

Ages of youth served: ages 18+
Hours of internship: The hours really depend on your schedule and when you are available.  
Description of role and duties:
My Personal role was an academic Mentor.  I was in class with the student for 3 hours.  I then would meet with the other mentors for a supervision meeting with a faculty member.  My personal Internship project was a binder.  I created a binder full of information about the college that I believed to be in one place for the students to have easy access to.  
Many students with ID may require additional supports to help them fully access their academic, social, and work experience at Rhode Island College. Supports available as part of the CCS include:
  • Educational Mentoring
  • Support to assist student with course assignments, study help, and course organization.
  • [3 hours in class support plus 3 hours academic (outside class) support].
  • Social Mentoring
  • Provide students with in-the-moment coaching in campus navigation, access to social/recreational opportunities at RIC, social etiquette, time and money management.
  • [3 hours per week (Year 1) Year 2: TBD]
  • Job Mentoring
  • Provide support in skills related to employment including on-site job coaching (campus jobs and community placements).

Paid or unpaid: Paid

Additional Requirements: must be an active college student
Special notes on process of getting this internship:
If you are interested in the position contact Deb Arenberg

What three TAGS would you use to label this internship?
mentoring, hands-on, curriculum, school, paid.

Your name: Rachel Miale
Your cohort: 3
Your email address if others can contact you:

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