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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (Kyle Keitz)

Name of Organization: The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center

Address: 325 Public Street, Providence, RI 02905

Description of the overall mission of this organization: To educate and empower youth through relentless commitment to student-centered learning and personal growth.

Ages of Youth Served: 14 years-19 years (9th-12th)

Name of Mentor: Khalie Nunez

Hours Worked: M, W, Fr (4 to 6 hour shifts)

Description of your role and duties: I was in charge of a small group of students, our main focus was film and editing.  This applied to their real world internships that they had themselves and assisted them in completing their projects.  The film projects that we completed applied to my presentation and their final projects.

Description of the culture of the place: It was in an alternative type high school setting.  The teachers could dress semi-formally to just normal clothing.  The students and teachers had a very similar language style and addressed each other by first name.  It was a very personal style of educating and learning.  Essentially, everyone just felt like they were friends with each other, regardless of age.

Additional Requirements: I have to drive to the school and to the students intern sites about 10 or 15 minutes from the school.  As well as driving to any film shoot locations with my personal equipment for the student(s) to use.

Special Notes on process of getting this internship: I applied to this internship via email due to previous connections that I have with the school.  If you have a certain set of skills it is possible to get a paid internship position, just try to really sell yourself and your skills!

Other internship opportunities with this organization: Your work might be spread to other states and throughout the school.  I had the opportunity of filming with a student to show what the MET is all about.  This video will be set to look professionally made all while being informative.  The video is going to be shown to out of state educators to help them better understand the style of teaching that the MET uses.

What three TAGS would you use to label this internship?
freelance, hands-on, real world learning
Your Name: Kyle Keitz
Your Cohort: 3
Your email if others can contact you:

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