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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Name of Organization: United Way of Rhode Island afterschool Tower Street Community Center
Address: 500 Valley Street Providence, RI 02909 & 83 Tower Street Westerly, RI 02891
Description of the overall mission of this organization:
Ages of youth served: All ages & first through fourth grade
Name of Mentor: Joseph Morra
Hours worked: 180, 5 hours every Wednesday at United Way of Rhode Island as well as 6:30am-8:30am Monday to Friday at Tower Street Community Center
Description of your role and duties: Administrative duties at United Way of Rhode Island included reading all 14 RFP's correlating to the Hasbro Summer Learning Sites that were awarded this year and two years following for grants.  I then worked closely with my mentor who is the Senior Project Manager of Expanded Learning to update, learn and create the new United Way Afterschool and Summer Learning Map of Rhode Island.  I worked closely with the city of Providence to compile a list of sites as well as ages, who to contact website information and what services they offer.  I also worked together in completing tasks for the  Expanded Learning Objectives (ELO) Summit.  
While at Tower Street Community Center, I welcomed parents and students  in the morning as they came to the morning
Program.  Asking them if they wanted breakfast or to play a game.  Interacted them and helped everyone feel welcome and help them with any problems or situations that would accure.
Description of the culture of the place: While in the office it was business casual
Additional Requirements: There were no specific additional requirements
Special notes on process of getting this internship: Contact Joseph Morra, there are many other sites for the afterschool/morning program.

What three TAGS would you use to label this internship? Afterschool, leadership, school and administrative
Your name: Melissa Mason
Your cohort: Cohort 3
Your email address if others can contact you:

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