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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RICARES/Young People In Recovery

IMAGE:    RICARES logo.jpg
Name of Organization: (Include hyperlink) RICARES
Address: 1345 Jeffereson Blvd. Warwick, RI 02886
Description of the overall mission of this organization: RICARES (Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts, Inc.) is a grassroots alliance of people in recovery, their family and friends, and concerned members of the community whose goal is to advocate for, and decrease stigma about, those in recovery from substance use disorder.
Ages of youth served: 13-35
Name of Mentor: Rev. David Martins
Hours worked: (number, days, times) Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am-5pm
Description of your role and duties: (include administrative or hands-on or both): As the Youth Director Intern, my responsibilities include directing the Young People In Recovery Chapter here in Rhode Island.  I work with the group to come up with events, workshops, and goals for the group to reach.
Description of the culture of the place (how many people in the office, dress code, communication style): The RICARES office is a professional setting.  The executive director and the development director are in the office every day, we have a Peer Support Specialist who is in and out of the office.   The YPR staff come to the office when directed by myself, to work on the upcoming projects.  
Additional Requirements: (travel, etc)
Special notes on process of getting this internship:
Other internship opportunities with this organization: YPR Staff: Event Lead, Fundraising Lead

What three TAGS would you use to label this internship?
teenagers, administrative, leadership,
Your name: William C Poole
Your cohort: 3
Your email address if others can contact you:

William C Poole
Secretary - Senior Class 2016
Youth Development Major - Class of 2016

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader" ~John Quincy Adams

Rhode Island College.


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