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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Unity Center

Name of Organization:The Unity Center
Description of the overall mission of this organization: The Unity Center is the Rhode Island College multicultural center. Its mission is to promote the accessibility of educational services and the opportunity for excellence to all students through collaborative programming among its student affiliates, faculty, staff and the wider community. The Center further seeks to enhance cultural awareness by providing a safe forum for exploring issues pertaining to diversity, equity and inclusion and to assist students in becoming informed, productive citizens of the world.
Ages of youth served: College Students
Name of Mentor:Antoinette Gomes
Hours worked: Wednesday 10-4, Thursday 10-1:30
Description of your role and duties: Assist in the development of AVA and collaborating with peers to create Student- Parent Association.
Description of the culture of the place: Lots of students in and out throughout the day, casual dress code, high expectation of professionalism.  
Additional Requirements: (travel, etc)
Special notes on process of getting this internship:
Other internship opportunities with this organization:

What three TAGS would you use to label this internship? Unity, Diversity, Community
Your name: Ashley Marie Morel    
Your cohort: 3
Your email address if others can contact you:

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